• 1 Instructions booklet
  • 1 playing board (60cm by 60cm), made from a flexible plastic making it waterproof and tear-proof
  • Plasticine (6 colours) for making your own playing pieces
  • 2 dice
  • 1 two minute timer
  • 1 packet of stickers and 1 sticky note pad for rewards
  • 24 plastic Activities cards
  • 30 Qualities cards (laminated)
  • 30 Active Listening cards (laminated)
  • 30 Giving Opinions cards (laminated)
  • 40 Choices cards (laminated)
  • 4 A5 wallets (1 for each player) containing: a dry-wipe pen with eraser; a yellow Final Challenge card to be completed before the game starts; cards to record Qualities, Active Listening, Giving Opinions and Choices (all laminated)
  • 4 laminated A4 Final Challenge record cards (1 for each player) for use at the end of the game

Youth Version


To help 12 to 16 year olds prepare for everyday challenges.
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A game for a maximum of 4 players including a mental health professional, Personapoly seeks to encourage co-operation and mutual support as participants practise skills such as: speaking about activities they enjoy or may want to try; listening with interest and empathy to others; offering an opinion on a topic even if other players disagree; and working together to come up with options for difficult scenarios.
Then, having gathered activities cards and qualities during the course of the game, practised skills and received support, players will try to solve their own Final Challenge which will be a situation they are currently struggling with.
An ideal game for those experiencing social and emotional difficulties, with particular relevance to people with a BPD diagnosis.
Jo came up with the idea for Personapoly because she was thinking that it would be nice to have a game without the competitive element - her childhood memories are full of tantrums and hurt feelings when charged rent during efforts to play a well-known board game!
           The cost is £65
         (including delivery)
           The cost is £65
         (including delivery)

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