Wot R U Like? is a programme designed to:
  • be easy to follow and understand
  • facilitate discussion
  • encourage the development of self-awareness
  • prepare people for therapy, especially group work
Wot R U Like? is divided into 4 sections:
1. Feelings, Thoughts, Behaviours
  • encourages the development of awareness in a simple, progressive and non-threatening manner,
  • challenges unhelpful thoughts and behaviours 
2. Relating to Others encourages
  • consideration of the qualities of others within important relationships
  • an awareness of a) issues that solely concern the participant, b) issues that solely concern the other person in the relationship, and c) issues that are shared
  • listening and responding to another person with interest and empathy
  • being mindful of how much to disclose to other people
3. Identity
  • encourages consideration of own qualities and skills
  • develops confidence to express own opinions, even if others disagree
4. Planning for the Future
  • using an expansion of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to determine which issues in the participant's life are problematic and require further support
  • setting goals
  • next steps
Wot R U Like? includes:
  • 1 booklet (Borderline Personality Disorder: A Personal Story)
  • approximately 35 activities
  • 5 sets of resource cards
The activities and resource cards come as Word and pdf files on a CD.
The cost is £45 (inclusive of delivery)


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Jo's booklets:
Borderline Personality Disorder, A Personal Story
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